Monday, March 25, 2013

Progress for GDC

I've been wildly busy and need to update some progress.  We've been doing tons of work making coherent levels(artwise).  We have been working on doodads (background art) and have made four different zones.  In particular, I have had to put more time into my Lead Designer role.  Since producing levels has been a high priority, I have spent a lot of time coming up with requirements and suggestions for level design and have play tested, critiqued, fixed, and organized levels to fit the proper progression of difficulty.  I will be spearheading the actual decorating of these levels as well.  For now, we have assigned artists to decorate the first 15 levels we have for GDC.  These aren't final by any means, but provide something to show.  I also plan on doing some concept art.  We may include some story/narrative through the means of still images cut up throughout the game.  We will only consider this an option if other, more crucial assignments are fulfilled.  Here are a few art stuffs I've been working on.  One is a lotus flower (which we have since decided to go with a slightly different look) and the next are the plasma beam end caps (the final one is intentionally small...)