Thursday, August 30, 2012

Game Pitch

Here is my game idea I pitched today in class.  I think it would be a totally radtastic game and has tons of potential.  Crossing my fingers that people see that potential and vote for it.  It. Would. Be. Awesome!


The story of a magnetic robot after his one true love is
Kidnapped and disassembled. Now Magnetbot must
take a journey through a platformer of puzzles using his
magnetic ability to push and pull himself to and from
sources of metal.

Use the left joystick, X, and A
buttons to move, run, and jump.

The right joystick points your
Magnet Aim, it will stay pointed
in the last direction you aimed it.

The left bumper pushes you
away from metal, the right
bumper pulls you toward it.

Use the right joystick to aim upward.
Then walk through the falling spikes
while hold the left bumper to push them
away from you.

Use the right joystick to aim your
Magnet Aim upward. Press and hold
the right bumper to pull yourself toward
the metal plate.

Then aim the Magnet Aim to the left.
Press and hold the left bumper then let
go of the right bumper, you will be pushed
The direction you need to go.

Aim your Magnet Aim
downward. Jump over
the spikes and hold the
left bumper to push away
from the spikes. While
holding push, use the left
Joystick to move Magnetbot
to dodge the electricity.

If you aim toward a metallic object
that is lighter than yourself you can
pull it toward yourself.

Once this bolt is placed at your feet,
aim downward, jump over it and press
Push, since the bolt is pushing against
the ground it will propel you upward.

Design Inspiration

Why this game will be the most successful game in all of EAE:

1. It doesn’t over reach our scope. Simple but beautiful design that can end up
being super polished and professional.
2. Fun, unique gameplay with an infinite number of possibilities.
3. Level design can be wonderfully creative using the “push/pull” puzzle aspect.
4. Awesome soundtrack potential.
5. Great networking connections to get hype for the game.
6. We have the greatest programmers and artists EAE has ever seen!

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