Monday, February 4, 2013

Level Design

Hey there.  Just me checking in again.  I haven't updated this here blog for a little while because I was in Asia for the past month on other business.  While there, I focused heavily on level design.  We have a pretty rockin' level editor that all the artists and programmers are starting to design on.  I kept most of my designs on paper for now (since I had limited access to the editor in Asia).  I'll update the next post with some pictures of potential level designs. 

My next task is to work on the collectable flower.  I've been sketching up some ideas and will run them by our Art Lead in hopes to get a final design vectorized.  Then I'll let her give me my next assignment!  I will also have some animations to work on.  We are currently creating a list of animations needed and we will distribute those amongst the artists to be completed. 

In between that, I'm also going through all of the level designs done on the editor by others on the team and will try rate them from easier puzzles to harder puzzles so we can start laying out connections for good game flow. 

Well that's it for now!  I'll get some pictures updated and hopefully get some cool animations going.  Til' next time!

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