Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From vision to reality

Ok first off, our game made it!  We were among the three games chosen to actually be made!  The whole team was super excited about the news and we have been welcoming 7 new members into our team. 

I was chosen to be the Lead Game Designer, which is awesome.  So I have to make sure this game turns out ridiculously fun and help find, define, and uphold the vision of the game. 

We have held several meetings to discuss new possibilities for the game as well as potential changes. As of now, it looks like we are wanting to move away from the robot rebuilding their friend/love/whatever and instead have decided it would be more dynamic and interesting if the head the robot finds is actually of an "enemy." 

We are working it out so both essentially need each other in the adventure and can then play with the dynamic between the two characters (they don't like each other at first... have to work things out... etc).  It will be awesome. 

I am reinforcing the idea of keeping this game simple, with potential to upgrade as we go along.  First and foremost I want the game to end up polished, fun, and memorable.  I don't want to over reach our scope. 

The artists are currently working on finding the style we want to use in the game.  Once we have a good direction to go, we are going to churn out tons of concept art and get cranking on this. 

I can't explain how excited I am to see my pitch become a real game.  It is going to be awesome to work with the fantastic team we have been given.  I look forward to everyone's unique input to make this game something we can all be proud of. 

Oh, and it's going to be the best selling and most fun game that has come out of this program.  That is all.

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