Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tripleslash Studios!

We are totally starting a company to get this game distributed.  Ya, we're just that awesome.  We are Tripleslash Studios.  Visit our website at tripleslashstudios.com and like us on facebook!!  We are so totally legit.  Seriously, this is for real.  Tell your friends. 

So the artists have been doing character silhouettes to get some good character concept out there.  We are also doing concept backgrounds and level designs.  I will get mine all nice and posted when everything is all digital, but for now I can show you my level background concepts. 

For these I wanted to experiment with different moods and unique ways to present the magnets.  I readily admit, not all of these are right for our game, but it was fun to experiment.  You never know when you will accidentally strike gold. 

Here are some concepts:

Anyway, more art to come.  Yip yip!

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