Thursday, November 1, 2012

Concept Art

Ok, as promised, here are a few concept sketches.  This isn't all of them, but I figured I get in what I could.  I'll go from early to more refined.  I am currently working on a more fleshed out silhouette in vector.  I'll be doing a value pass, then a color pass to move it in a direction for production.  (We aren't going with all of the ideas, but we thought it was a good idea that each artist gets there own favorite work in vector and through color pass stage.  Then one (or a mesh of several) will make it as the actual 3D character).

Here are some rough, exporation sketches:

Here are a few more fleshed out sketches.  A couple a bad guy designs, then the last one is the silhouette I'm going to do in vector.  I think he is super cool.  I designed the head after a horse-shoe magnet.  Look at me using inspiration.  I feel like I'm on one of those sweet reality/competition shows like Face-Off or Project Runway.  "Here's your weird inspiration, now make a work of art that reflects it!"

I'll be sure to post the more fleshed out character in vector.  Go MagnetBot!

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