Friday, November 16, 2012

Current progress

Ok, so I have been madly working on the game design document.  I am SO close to having it completed.  Just got a couple things to finish up.  We are hoping to connect it to a wiki so it can be easily viewed by the team and by others following our progress (assuming they actually exist).

The artists have been working on getting some solid levels done.  We have one picked out that we are cutting up so we can use it for the alpha level.  It is going to be awesome.  I've been put in charge of getting a logo for the game.  I've been sketching out some ideas... it is a little tricky since we don't have an official title for the game yet, but I'll figure something out.  It's a good time to do this because all the other artists have some pretty specific roles for the alpha (Evan and Becky are working on cutting up the level.  Cory is our technical artist and will be taking their work and bridging the gap with it into the engineering world.  Kyle is doing a walk and jump cycle for the hero. And Diana is working on animating the laser).  I'm available to help any of them that need extra assistance and while they are working, I am working on the logo, menus, and website skinning.

Things seem to be going well and I'm pretty confident we are going to have a wicked awesome alpha level.  We will inevitably run into some more bumps on the road, but things are going pretty smooth right now!  Hope that lasts! (Ya I'm not THAT naive...)

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