Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Polish

Ok, so I got the value pass done.  Basically it represents an idea of where color/texture is going to go.  I gave him a yin-yang feel to reflect the bi-polarity of magnets.  I added value to the top of his head to highlight the horse-shoe-magnet-based design.  I think he is super cool and darn cute.  I was going for more of a cute, likeable character.  I felt it is important for the player to connect with the robot.  If he was too big/powerful, it wouldn't really match the narrative and style we are going for.  Here is the value pass:

I also worked on a couple more backgrounds.  I did three,  but one of them is seriously awful.  Hahaha.  Beyond repair.  So that one isn't going to make the cuts.  No human eyes should ever have to look upon it.  I did two with the same level design to play around with different backgrounds.  The foreground needs more attention.  I would like to add further detail to the gray "boxes" in the front.  The magnets also need to be made a little more visible/obvious....but this is about exploration, so I'm not too worried.  Here they are:

More to come! Stay tuned!

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